PERCEIVING FREEDOM a sculptural tribute to Nelson Mandela on the Seapoint Promenade looking out towards the old prison at Robben Island in Cape Town.

Halo (GORE-TEX fabric, helium, internal fluorescent lighting)

I LOVE YOU! (Stainless steel, 101 crystals and sunlight)

Fly Portraits (Digital photographs)

The Secret Love Project

Tentacles (Internally illuminated, helium inflated spheres, flexible LED strip lighting)

Mild Steel, polygnite, Ferrari automotive paint, squib (miniature detonator), Sannadex (gunpowder)

Pink Street (Adjacent to the Picasso Museum, during FIAC art fair Paris)

Radiator (Film collaboration with Xavier Veilhan)

15m high freestanding arches with a chair at each end that connects two people sitting at a distance

Sculpture for Cape Town International airport (World Cup 2010) collaboration with Swarovski

Rainbows (Sunlight, vapour)

Spotting rainbows in Cape Town (1000 faceted glass crystals hung from lamp posts in Cape Town)

Skywalker (10 KW full colour searchlights on 360° programmed robotic moving heads)

Dali Elephants Walking Over Paris (Helium lifting cell encased in structural fabric envelope)